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Learning about GOP events  after the fact is definately irritating, so we decided to notify everyone in our e-mail bank of upcoming Republican Political events  including radio programsorganizations, journalists, candidate fundraisersspecial eventsand contact (links) to different local, county, state and national GOP groups.  

To date all this information has been sent through e-mail’s,  however the size, of the event only e-mail “BROADCASTS”,  have gotten so large they have a tendency to “crash”        i-pods, i-phones and some PC”s. . .

Not a good thing and this web site is the result. 

Now, when navigating through the different menu’s, viewers can select particular areas of interest to read about and/or participate in.

Just a little history here.  We started our event only e-mail “BROADCASTS” four years ago with an approximate 50 e-mail recipients and has grown to well over 1,000 recipients and growing.  Feedback along the way has been gratifying to say the least.  Those who liked the e-mail “BROADCASTS” can view the same format HERE without long download times and NO I-Pod crashes.

Events only e-mail “BROADCASTS” ,  started in Kane County, Illinois, including events in neighboring counties, DuPage, Kendall, Will, McHenry, Lake and Cook .   As we continue with our blog it will no doubt change for the better so patience is the “watch word” my friends.  Be gentle with your constructive critisism.  :)))   

We will  include all GOP groups and committees in Illinois plus special events like, Pulling for Special Olympics, etc., etc., etc., but for these events to get the most exposure for everyone, your event information has to be supplied to us;  e.g., Who, What, Where, Why,  How, include flyers (jpg format best), PDF’s, candidate photos, links to web sites, e-mail/contact information and any other attachments useful to the event.  No guarantees that exposure to your event in this web site will increase your attendance and/or donations but it most likely won’t hurt.

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 State Republican Contact Information

As you go through our State Contact Information, each individual state will be represented by their State Flag.

Click on the “State Links” in the menu bar which should give all the States and Territories for you to view the state you choose. 

If you are viewing a site in another “menu” application and wish to go to a State not on that menu just type in the state in the search box you would like to see hit ENTER and  that site should open for you.

The main reason we are showing  individual state activity is simple.  In Illinois as an example and because of it’s size, visitors to the southernmost part of Illinois, and visa versa to the northernmost part of Illinois, will avail those visitors the opportunity to participate in Republican activities irrespective of where they live.  The same principle applies visiting other States and/or regions.  Until we start receiving event information from individual local, county, state and national communities, State Links will only take you to Sate Republican Organizations for now.  State and County information could change from time to time because of updating web sites and/or e-mail updates.  After primary elections a lot of the previous contact information could change because of newly elected candidates and the same holds true after November elections.  Because we are located in Illinois, our information may be more extensive but over time event information in each State should increase.

As activity increases,  individual state links will be updated periodically to assist our viewers and  offer choices to help find what you seek.

Again We Welcome You To our Web Site.   Hope you Enjoy Navigating Uncharted Waters and then join us on facebook/other social media links once they are set up.


Mike Foote

Mike Foote 


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